Seedlings School - Education

Education is about more than just exams. 

Giving a child an education makes a dramatic difference, not only to their own lives but their family and friends lives also. 

It's also not just about employment opportunities. Education provides children with the ability to solve problems, work in co-operation with others and encourages a desire to find out the facts behind an issue. These skills will help them whatever path they take in life. A Christian education equips the children with the tools needed to overcome superstition, negative traditions and destructive behaviours. It gives the children a solid moral base for decision making and provides the opportunity to choose for themselves their own future. 

Seedlings School has attracted praise from the Gambian Education Ministry because over half our students are girls who would not otherwise have received an education in a low-income Muslim country. This is particularly encouraging as the Government struggles to counter the influence generated by increasing foreign radical Islamist investment in Higher Education.