Seedlings School

Our charity provides education to some of the poorest children in Gambia


Seedlings School is located in an area of The Gambia called Manjai Kunda. This is about 7 km outside of the capital Banjul. 


Our charity has been serving the people of Gambia for over ten years. Sponsoring education is vital to the survival and future of this beautiful country. In 2008 we became a registered charity, and in January 2010 Seedlings School opened its doors, providing a safe and happy Christian environment for children to thrive and learn. 

Seedlings School serves children from the poorest families in Kotu and Manjai regardless of race or religious belief. Already, the waiting list for the school is triple it's capacity, and reports from Government Inspectors have been very favourable. 

Twice a year, our volunteers not only visit our school, but we also visit local churches, hospitals, and remote villages. We aim to take supplies of clothes, food and medical supplies to all of these area's. 

About Us


Who are we.......

We are a British registered charity. Our small team is located in the South of England. 


Through sponsorship and donations, funds are raised to enable the complete running and financing of our school. Only staff that work in our school are paid. 

All other work relating to sponsorship, financial management and fundraising, is carried out by our amazing team of volunteers in the UK.


What we do......

Providing education for those who can not afford it, is the heart of what we do.


Education equips children with essential life skills. These invaluable skills will enable them to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of those around them.

We ensure that these children receive a high standard of teaching at our school. Our help and support is extended to all people, regardless of race, religious beliefs, gender, age or ethnic background.


Thank You

A huge "Thank You" to everyone that donates to Seedlings School. A special thank you to those who commit financially on a monthly basis. 

Your donations are invaluable and we hope that this website helps you see where your money goes, and the amazing difference it makes to some of the poorest people in our world.